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Vision Works has been changing the map of Sri Lanka in film production and commercial advertising industry since 1995 with state of the art Technology, creativity, visionary, innovative ideas and focus. A Team full of experts from various elements of the industry have come under one roof to produce knock-out sequels that tell tale of the commercial and the scenes in a film production. Veterans of the industry with immense exposures and diversified experience have joined hands to produce the best, assisted by enthusiastic, eager staff who are full of inspiration and ideas. Vision Works’ proud stance is on delivering the right product, using the right technique, with the right equipment, on time within the allocated budget.

Vision Works has been the brain child of Mr Michael Perera Magala, whose dream was to own a work place in production, his pure hard work and dedication has managed to place Sri Lanka in the world map as pioneers in the region.

Skills and experience has been the forefront in masterminding the production whether it is a Television commercial, video production, film production, or advertising either in the conventional method or by the use of cutting edge modern technology. Each production team consist of multitude of technical staff who brings their valued experience and exposure into the production, working cohesively as a team in producing the best quality product with reasonable timeline, delivering the end product on time to the customer’s delight. The team comes as adoptive and receptive to client’s demands and expectation, stretching their abilities to meet the required end results.

In over two decades of sustainability Vision Works has won numerous awards and accolades both national and international. Nationally they are termed as the best advertising agency and pioneer film production company, best video production and photography company, music video production company are a few of these accolades. Team Vision Works is flexible, inspiring and adoptable to work, with all the required resources. Once the idea is perceived, the idea converges into a master piece par with international standards and eminence.

Vision Works is a one-stop, all under one-roof resource center with diversified portfolio varying from professional film directors, director of photography, art directors, line producers, fixers to professional technical crew – all coming together in a cohesive manner to give their best. A production team can be scrambled within a short time based on the requirement be it small or medium production to large, enormous production team. The teams are picked to suite your story and to fit within the budget, without compromising the quality of the production. Team is proactive and will tick all the boxes on the check list from the required equipment to creative picturesque location for filming. Generally Sri Lanka, a country that has been blessed with numerous naturally blessed beautiful location has been the key to highlight the message or the scene or a commercial. This tiny island which has been UNESCO picked and Lonely Planet listed as most photographed and beautiful heritage listed with long running history has no shortage for an ideal location where most can be reached within a short travel time.