Vision Works


Celebrating success by creating many milestones of significant outstanding production since 1994, measuring  grown in experience, exposure and skills to better perform and produce material that promises to surpass your expectation.  Our diligent team will work with each and every member of the client’ camp to come up with innovative, creative and inspiring final master piece that is bound to blow your minds away.  Our key resource being the talented team with latest state of the art equipments which will do all the work.

At present Vision Works has classified all its capabilities and essence into a group of ten. Each category given an insight into the techniques need to produce the desired final product. If you want to have an ideal of particular task, filing location and or the equipment that will be used, feel free to talk to one of our experts who is delighted to assist you.


Line Production / Fixer / Producer

Vision Works will for look into every aspect and detail required to smooth run the operation to produce film, movies, Television series and other. Our team of experienced experts will walk you through each and every step at the production level outlining from the professional requirement to the technique emulated and equipments in use. The entire crew that is on the floor has to focus only on the creation of the product whilst all the other related matters from the food to costumes, location selection, transport, accommodation, will be overseen by the Line Production Producer and the team.

A plan can be devices and mapped out for easy execution with budget and other requirements. Overseas clients will be provides with all that requested. Please talk to our team on expert to get the guideline discussed.


Feature Films

Vision Works has been involved in Feature Film production and creation over the years, coordinating with location selection, equipment and technician arrangement, accommodation for all the crew while fitting all within the given budget is one of our specialty.

Vision works can create special filming sets as per the clients' needful. Every project is a different challenge to us. We provide Professional In – house experienced staff for all Production needs such as DOP's, Gaffer, Technical crew, Specialized Hair and Makeup Artists and all support functions with dedicated team of Management Staffs with ability to work round- the- clock. We have access to an array of Professional film equipments that fit specific needs and technique We also produce films for online market for youtube channels, Vimeo, food channels and other related professional filming.


Offline, Online Post Production

In offline product we run the raw footage obtained through a program that transcodes to create a lower resolution production then edit it based on the requirement. This could be subject to movies, film, Television serials, recorded live event product and other. The story of the actual production can be converted to a synopsis or a trailer, as required.

During online post production we convert the edited material to high quality footage with absolute specification given to colour, effects work, titles and audio. Our team of experts will ‘stich’ them back into a sequel as requested.


2D/3D motion graphics and Virtual Reality Animations

Vision Works has a team of innovative and inspiring professional who are highly skilled in Virtual Reality Animation, 2D and 3D effects to come up with upscale, performance oriented audio visual creation that will blow your minds away. End product can be from animated movies to virtual gaming interactive performances.

Our experts will work with you to capture your imagination and the story to convert them into a digital source that will provide a fulfilling consumer oriented experience.


Company Profiles, Documentaries and A / V Production

Company Profiles as videography to highlight on the scope of the company, its visionary journey into the future and the milestones can be created with the write image and motion to bring out the best in terms of product and proficiency. Documentaries of both short and long with right filming and recording will be produced, highlighting the one subject matter in a sequence of events. We provide technical advice as well as adhere to the scenario of the matter in discussion. Our experts are able to analyze the require technique and editing by using the latest state of the art equipment by experts. Audiovisuals (A/V) production either within a studio or in an open air even can be produced with the top of the line ultra modern equipment that the job with much more ease and sophistication. We cater for all types of events like high end corporate to moderate private events and requirement. Check us out on the depth of the services rendered.


Tape Dubbing and Duplication facilities

Tape dubbing with voice over service is provided at Vision Works by multi linguistic personnel with native accent and pronunciation. Along with dubbing, text too can be provided enabling to read the narrative in English or other languages Voice over, dubbing in various language voices, touch on voice of old motion clips, videos, movies, documentaries, feature films services are done by us all under one roof. If you do have a specific requirement please approach us to give you an in-depth understand of our performance and capabilities.

Vision Works can provide mass scale duplication production of the digital materials, videos and commercials for circulation and marketing purposes. It can be a teaching or tutorial material on a specific subject matter. Talk to our in-house experts to obtain a understanding of the procedure.


Social Media Content Development and creation

Vision Works creates and produce short commercials, both high end and low budget to cater the changing market demand. The paradigm shift of how consumers view the commercial has made Social media market being the epicenter of it all. We are skilled on short clips to scripted production meeting demands of both local and international customers who vividly vary from small scale to multinational corporate. Our services has extended beyond to digital platform satisfying variety of expectations and demands. All you do is simply share your script and we will do the rest in producing, direction and execution and the post work.


Still Photography

We do the still photography for any event and occasion with utmost professionalism and creativity. Location shooting of still photograph that could be for a birthdays, milestone celebrations, creation of an Album – all will be organized from the ground work to the venue choice, and art effects. We will organize the trip to location, still setting, art work and other essentials to capture the most spectacular image and the moments. Final product can me digitized work and or a printed pages of album. We do professional model shoots and fashion shows with both still and video capture. Events and occasion both indoor and outdoor will be handled effectively with our skilled professional who bring in the years of experience handling multiple cameras and perfectly capturing the moments with creativity. All products will be perfected with editing and airbrush accordingly. Contact us for more information and bookings.


Live Streaming and Broadcasting events

We do provide live streaming of public events for both indoors and outdoors. Vision Works has the right equipment for an open air performance streaming with crew that has required caliber and professional experience to do the needful. If need be we also arrange the required location for the show or event to accommodate the crowd along with sound system to give enough reach. These events can be anything from corporate to commercial like musical concerts.

The performance can be edited and digitize for mass scale circulation or marketing


Equipment rental

Vision Works can arrange all types of equipment need for the type of production varying from simple, sophisticated to the State-of-the-art high quality performing devices. Every project will be discussed independently by our team of experts who will share their insight and experience in help choose the right equipment. These equipments are available for the inbound, in-house production as well as for rental on short or long haul.

Our technical staff will assist you on the range of equipment available and reserved based on the date and time of the project work. Should the need be trained staff can accompany with the equipment, specially for rental. That way it will help smooth run the production operation and complete the project on time.